May 24, 2023

Operation WhistlePig

Team Proud & Great!

This email is intended for those that purchased PiggyBack as part of Operation WhistlePig and/or NON-AOG Swag, aka Rob Grubbs Swag. If that's not you, feel free to disregard.

Tony's ETA at the Marriott, with the PiggyBack, is between 1300 - 1400 on Thursday, 10/26, while Rob's ETA is Wednesday. Barring any problems enroute, this affords a few brothers and I ample time to haul the loot to our hospitality suite, Room TBD, at the Marriott. Rob will have already staged the Non-AOG/Rob Grubbs Swag in the room. Pick-Up shall be between 1500 - 1700! We may cheat and push out to 1730, but we also need time to get ready for the Welcome Reception, which commences at 1830.

NOTE! I may have suggested in an earlier email that I will have bubble wrap with me for those that need to pack bottles in checked bags. I WILL NOT! Largely because I don't know who's flying and hence don't know how much to bring. So be forewarned and plan ahead. And there is a Staples nearby just in case ;-)

In a perfect world, all bottles and swag are picked up during that window of time, but I suspect not. To that end, we'll announce another small window of time to pick-up on Friday, ahead of the Class Dinner.

Attached are pics of the loot in my cellar as well as 2 bottles next to the tag of my truck ;-)

20 and a butt days until our 45th Reunion!

Tony Matos & Rob Grubbs

Proud & Great!

Beat Boston College!