Jan 19, 2021

Letter from Les Szabolcsi

To All Classmates:Our Class will have the honor of creating a 50-Year Affiliation with the members of USMA Class of 2028. The Class of 2028 will be New Cadets in the summer of 2024, and some of them will enter the United States Military Academy Preparatory School in the summer of 2023, just over two years from now. The Long Gray Line continues….The AOG 50-Year Affiliation Program provides us the unique opportunity to create the most enjoyable and rewarding project we have undertaken since graduation. We will be able to reinforce bonds of friendship and professionalism with our Classmates and, at the same time, inspire and connect with the Class of 2028.Under the leadership of Chairman Jim Hoffman, our 50-Year Affiliation Committee has been hard at work preparing the activities surrounding our affiliation with the Class of 2028. In the next few months you can expect to hear directly from Jim and his leadership team. These communications will give you more detailed information about the program and how each of you can participate. We plan to create several opportunities for mini-Class Reunions during the years of our affiliation with the Class of 2028. We will use our class website, www.usma1978.com as the main portal housing pertinent information and updates regarding the 50-Year Affiliation Program. We encourage everyone to visit the site periodically to stay abreast of new information as it is posted.In the meantime, if you have not done so already, please visit the AOG website, where you can see experiences of previous 50-Year Affiliation Classes and where you can read through all the benefits this program provides. Of course, our objective is to make our Affiliation program better than any other previous Class.Just to be clear, once this Affiliation begins with the Prep School intake in 2023, this is a five-year effort culminating at the graduation of USMA ’28. (Yes, I also have trouble conceptualizing that number.) There will be plenty of opportunities to become as active as you wish to become.More to follow from Jim and his team.GO (Commander-in-Chief’s-Trophy Holder) ARMY!Les SzabolcsiLSzabolcsi@msibg.com