Apr 8, 2023

Jim Hoffman Letter & Reese Delorey Information Paper

8 April 2023

Dear Proud & Great Classmates:

GET READY! Our Class is about to embark on an exciting 5 years….

This summer, we will begin to mentor future members of the Long Grey Line, those men and women admitted to the Class of 2028our 50-Year Affiliation Class.

The West Point Association of Graduates’ 50-Year Affiliation Program (50-YAP) began when the Class of 1966 supported­­­ the Class of 2016. Over the years, the 50-YAP has created extremely successful links between West Point Classes, and – starting this summer – the Class of 1978 will “Grip Hands” with the Class of 2028, as they tackle the rigors of West Point.

The 50-YAP offers our Class the opportunity to create mini-reunions with our Classmates and, at the same time, to help members of the Class of 2028 (and their families) navigate from being Candidate Cadets to being members of the Long Gray Line. Attached to this letter, you will find an information paper about the 50-YAP and a point of contact roster for different events. Our 50-YAP swings into high gear this summer, when some Candidates for the Class of 2028 enter the US Military Academy Preparatory School at West Point, and it will end with the presentation of Second Lieutenant bars at the December Graduation for the Class of 2028.

Your Proud & Great 50-YAP Committee has done a tremendous job organizing our 50-YAP. Get engaged with our planning. Read about all the activities, and reach out to those Classmates identified as the points of contact for various events. In some events we will have a limited number of Classmates participating; and in other events we will have a lot of Classmates engaged. Where will you participate?

In the meantime, we are looking for fifty strapping Classmates to volunteer, to get into prime March Back shape, and to participate in the 12-Mile Lake Frederick March Back in August 2024. Start training for the March Back………RUCK UP!

All the best,

Jim Hoffman
Proud & Great Class of 1978
Chair, 50-Year Affiliation Program