Sep 5, 2023

50-YAP: Activities/Events Committee Status Update

50-YAP: Activities/Events Committee Status Update

Team Proud & Great,

While we are just a few days over one and a butt months to the 45th Reunion, the Class of ‘78 is well down the road in its planning and execution of our 50-Year Affiliation with the Class of 2028. In a letter to our Class in the spring, Jim Hoffman laid out the task and purpose of the 50-Year Affiliation Program and our future partnership with members of the Class of 2028. Last month, members of our USMAPS 50-Year Affiliation Team of ‘78, consisting of Rico Rich, Flip Brandli, Jim Moye, and Joe Pfanzelter “unsheathed the sword” for our Class’ mentorship and partnership with the Class of 2028. It was a great day after the torrential and historic down-pour on Main Post, these gentlemen greeted our Class of ‘28 affiliates and their families for the first day at Prep School. Click here to access the image gallery commemorating the event.

Behind the scenes, several advanced recon ops have taken place to support next year’s 50-Year Affiliation activities this summer - R-Day, Lake Frederick March Back, and the Acceptance Day Parade. In June, Jim Moye joined members of the Class of ‘77 with their coverage of R-Day with the Class of 2027 and their families. Then earlier this month we had Class presence at two events - the March Back and Acceptance Day. Getting up at ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ to be out at Lake Frederick for the early morning March Back with the Class of 2027 was the ‘78 team of Steve Anderson, Terry Clemons, Curt Alitz and Brian Keenan. Afterward, Bob Roger’s provided the recon for Acceptance Day, while participating in an WPAOG Leadership Meeting. Additionally, Pete Eshbach has lent his talents to crafting another unique piece of artwork commemorating R-Day with our Class of 2028 Affiliates. We will be providing every parent with a copy of the print to celebrate the beginning of their son or daughters’ journey to joining the Long Gray Line.  

At the Reunion in October, Ski and Jim Hoffman will be soliciting your involvement and support of the 50-Year Affiliation program. Event support continues via the myriad of activities scheduled through the December Graduation in 2028. There is an opportunity for everybody, even if it is simply to provide your invaluable presence at one of the Class of 2028 special events and/or the before/after Class of ‘78 get together.

Calendar planning for our 50-Year Affiliation Program is still up in the air. USCC has yet to publish specific dates for the Class of 2028, except for a tentative R-Day of July 1, 2024. So, in the near term for next year, we are looking for 15-18 classmates/spouses/significant others to support the Sunday, June 30th Ice Cream Social and Monday, July 1st R-Day events. Then on a yet-to-be-determined day in early August of ‘24, we will need 50 strapping ‘old men’ to participate in the Lake Frederick 15 Mile March Back, and as well as many others that sign up for the 2 miler march-in from the Victor Constant Ski Slope. So far, we have about fifteen classmates who have put their paw out and signed up. As a point of reference, the Class of ‘77 had forty-seven classmates participate in the 15 miler from Lake Frederick. The Class of ‘78 needs max participation!!! A few days after the March Back next year, will be the Acceptance Day Parade. Like for the R-Day Oath Ceremony, our Class will have a few Superintendent’s Box seats for the Acceptance Day Parade.

Points of Contact for next year’s three events:

I look forward to seeing you all at the 45th Reunion in October.BEAT NAVY, again!!!Billy Harner