Jun 20, 2023

45th Reunion Registration Details Coming Soon

Dear Classmates,

If you saw my message last month, you have not missed anything about our 45th reunion in October. We continue to plan events and finalize details so that we can open registration in early July. We are very pleased with our discussions with the folks at the Westchester Marriott. They are really working with us to make sure our events there are top notch.

If you want to go to the football game, please buy your tickets now. While tickets may be available until July 23, Army Athletics reserved the right to pull back unsold seats at any time. With the closure of the east side of the stadium, the potential for sellouts is much higher. Don’t take the chance if you want to attend the game. Buy your tickets now!

Our classmates who organized the sale of Piggyback whiskey inform me that all the bottles are now spoken for. 312 bottles! If you didn’t order any, you’ll either have to convince someone to share some with you, or head to the Class 6 store for some generic Piggyback.   Well done gentlemen.

Now that the football game has officially been scheduled for noon on Saturday, we have been able to lock in times for Saturday events. A revised reunion schedule will be going up soon.

See you all in October!

Dale & Jan Hamby

We look forward to seeing everyone in October!

Proud & Great,

Dale & Jan Hamby
45th Reunion Co-Chairs