Feb 23, 2024

50-YAP: R-Day -- Billy Harner Update #2

Greetings and Happy Friday!  It's Marchback Lottery Night!

After Tony Mato's mass blast to the class, we have several more folks who have signed up for RDay support. We only have twenty rooms reserved for us at this time.  So hurry!!! Get a room ASAP! (Please)

See the updated list of classmates who indicated an interest in participating in RDay Support early on, while others who just signed up.  Several of you, I have not heard from.  Please respond to the requested info, eg. if you are still interested in participating, jersey size, where you will stay and dates you will be in the area.  We have several wives who will be participating, which is awesome.  I will order the jerseys for all of you.

As the list of classmates participating grows, I thought that it would really be cool if we held a reception and dinner in the Hotel Thayer for us.  I would like to know - yes or no if you would like to do this, before I proceed.  It would clearly show our Class Flag at the heartbeat of West Point the night before RDay.   Please let me know.  Thank you.


And, yes!  BEAT NAVY, AGAIN!