May 11, 2024

USMAPS Graduation - Parade, Ball, and Ceremony

Boyz / Bruthas ~

Feelin' a li'l spunky this AM, the swan song for '78 USMAPS support nearly upon us. In some respects, it's been a long 2 years....but totally worth it and fulfilling.

Will fly Thursday, meeting Jimmy Moye, Joe Pfanzelter (Patty), and Scott Shea (Tanya) Friday AM at the Battalion review & awards ceremony.  That evening is the Graduation Ball.  Saturday AM is graduation.  We'll consolidate on the OBJ and close out ops thereafter, all returning to our nests.

Big kudos to Scott & Tanya.....they are coming from California for this!

Unlike other events '78 supported this year, we are NOT manning a tailgate tent or providing refreshments.  We will be more like (active) guests, mingling, speaking with parents & CCs, continuing the important work of forming links with both and able to really visit with cadre to prep the battlefield for '79 following closely on our heels.

~ Rico ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Graduation -- We have dates for the major muscle moves re: USMAPS graduation, but no firm plan details yet. A battalion review and a graduation ball (day and evening, respectively) will occur on Friday, May 10th. Graduation will be on Saturday, the 11th.  Beyond that, info is thin.  As large a contingent of '78 as possible at USMAPS graduation from the USMAPS 50YAP Committee as well as '78 leadership, follow-on 50YAP committees, and other classmates would be significant and positively demonstrate the growing linkage between 1978 and 2028.  

Our experience is that detailed planning for prior events has occurred in the 30 days prior.  We are standing by for details and I'll keep you informed.      

Grip Hands / Proud & Great

 ~ Rico

    Chair, USMAPS Committee

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